.Club Holidays for 2018 - 2019


Closed on Saturday 14th July - Open on Saturday 28th July


Closed on Saturday 25th August - Open on Friday 31st August          


Closed on Friday 12th October - Open on Saturday 20th October 


Closed on Saturday 22nd Dec - Open on Saturday 5th January


Closed on Saturday 16th February - Open on Saturday 23rd February


Closed on Monday 8th April - Open on Monday 29th April


Closed on Saturday 25th May - Open on Saturday 1st June


Closed on Saturday 13th July - Open on Saturday 27th July


Closed on Saturday 24th August - Open on Thursday 29th August

Please check dates carefully as holidays have been amended to help with the gymnastics competition schedule.  All children still have the same amount of training weeks as previous years.*


All other times the Gym is open including Bank Holidays.


In the case of adverse weather conditions please see the website for any changes to class times or cancellation of sessions.